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Retractable Bollard System Solution

System solution overview

The hydraulic integrated retractable bollard (herein referred to as the retractable bollard) adopts an integrated hydraulic power source, a hydraulic action rod, and a two-way integrated hydraulic movement.


The system uses a micromotor to connect to the gear pump and oil tank through a connecting block with integrated valves and is then assembled with an integrated hydraulic cylinder to form a complete microhydraulic system. 


The system is installed inside the main body of the roadblock through structural parts to complete the system.


It solves the complete conversion process of electrical energy to mechanical energy to hydraulic energy and truly realizes the integration of microcomputers, electricity and hydraulics. 


The lifting time of a retractable bollard is no more than 5 seconds, and it has good temperature adaptability.


The system is equipped with an emergency release system. In case of an emergency, such as a power outage, the bollard can be lowered manually to open the channel and release vehicles.

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Retractable Bollard System Solution


Retractable Bollard System Solution

Card Issuance
Card Issuance
All newly added cards must be registered. Cards are issued through online software when registering. According to factory requirements, permissions can be set for employees to open or be restricted to open the designated access control.
Delete Card
Delete Card
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Wide Control Range
Wide Control Range
The distance between each controller can reach 1200 meters, and each serial port can connect 63 controllers.
High Safety Performance
High Safety Performance
There are many ways to open the gate. The original data of the system will not be lost after power failure. It has a variety of alarm detection and allows remote opening and closing in case of danger.
Information Recording and Unlock Controlling
Information Recording and Unlock Controlling
When someone swipes the card, the controller determines whether the card is valid based on the card number, current time and registration information, and controls whether to unlock the gate or not.

At the same time, the system will record the card number, card swiping time and other information. All these information can be displayed on a screen (if connected).
Real-Time Monitoring
Real-Time Monitoring
The software of this solution is set to real-time monitoring status. Every time the card is swiped (if other events occur), the controller records the card number, card swiping location and other valid information and will immediately display it on the computer. In addition, the gate status (open or closed) can also be displayed in real time. If there is an external LED display, relevant information can be displayed on the screen.

This solution can connect open button input, gate magnetic detection and external card reader. LAN interconnection can be achieved by using TCP/IP converter. If factory access control is added later, it can be integrated into the existing access control and attendance system at any time, making it easy to operate.
easy to use
Easy To Use
Simple installation, friendly interface, simple operation. For a networked system, only one 485 converter is needed to connect 63 controllers together and controlled by one computer.

The system software has a friendly interface, easy operation and powerful functions. The software can be updated in real time to make the controller function more powerful and complete.


The control method is smart and flexible. In addition to conventional wire control (i.e., a manual button box), near/remote remote control can be used, which is suitable for high-frequency, high-security vehicles entering and exiting places. Retractable bollards have the following characteristics:

System availability
# 1
No need to lay underground hydraulic pipelines, simple installation; low construction cost;
System stability
# 2
There is no outdoor room for the hydraulic drive system on the ground, making the overall appearance more beautiful.
System security
# 3
Emergency release to prevent the bollard from failing to descend in case of power outage.
Ease of system maintenance
# 4
There is no requirement for the distance between the bollard unit and the control system.
System scalability
# 5
Multiple bollards can be lifted and lowered simultaneously.
System availability
# 6
The failure of a single unit will not affect the use of other bollards.

System structure

The retractable bollard system ensures that the roadblock system can be lifted and lowered as required. Its control method is flexible and suitable for high-security vehicles entering and exiting places. Widely used in schools, government agencies, communities, etc. For security reasons, the system operates independently and does not support platform linkage for the time being.

System composition

System composition

Retractable bollard
Consists of a retractable bollard mechanical structure and a hydraulic integrated driving device. It is installed in the road and can be one or more.
Control system
It is composed of a PLC and electrical components that can receive control signals and control the lifting and lowering of the bollard.
Button box
Manually operate the bollard to lift/fall. When there is a power outage or malfunction, the pressure can be relieved by operating the stop and down buttons at the same time, and the bollard will descend.
Remote control
Can wirelessly control the lifting and lowering of the bollard; the maximum distance is 100 meters

System application scenarios

By installing retractable bollards in sections where driving is prohibited, vehicles and crowds can be effectively isolated to prevent group personal injuries caused by malicious or accidental traffic accidents at the school gate. When an emergency occurs and vehicles need to pass (such as fire trucks and ambulances), the bollards can be quickly lowered by security personnel, effectively solving the time-consuming and labor-intensive shortcomings of the commonly used stone piers and stone columns.

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