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/LD-Q806 Security Bi-direction Full Height Turnstile Access Control

LD-Q806 Security Bi-direction Full Height Turnstile Access Control

The full height turnstiles offer for both indoor and outdoor access control applications. LD-Q802 comes with high quality anti-corrosive surface, guaranteed reliable operation under the extreme outdoor conditions.

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LD-Q806 Double Gates Security Full Height Turnstile

 Access Control

Product description :

The dual-channel cross bi-deirection full-height gate stainless steel rotating door is equipped with various access control equipment (such as: remote control, button control, coin-operated system, IC/ID card control system, fingerprint or face and other biometric systems), and adopts with reliable safety protection device, coordinated to realize the intelligent control and management of the channel. 

Product parameters:

Moduel No.



2200 x2213x1350mm( length*width* height)


304 stainless steel,  38mm diameter tube, 1.2/1.5mm thickness

Unlocking time


Traffic speed

≤30 persons/min

Channel width

standard 600mm, 500-800 customzied 

Input voltage

220V, 50HZ

Drive voltage


Ambient temperature

: -15~+55



Opening signal input

dry contact

Opening method 

push button, face recognition, RFID card reader, finger print 

Full height turnstile card access system

Product features :

1) LIDE security full height turnstile gate is designed with 304 stainless steel ,strong and durable, good stability. It is outstanding in anti-climbing and anti-drilling effects

2) One way or bi-directional security turnstile with electronic access control,easy and safe access for the pedestrians. 

3) The full height turnstile security level is the highest in all the turnstile . So it can provide unsupervised access control for high security place and prevent unauthorized access. It is suitable for the place where need high security access control, such as prisons, military management areas and Plants with strict access control .

4) Security full height turnstile is standard built-in unique fire-control interface . When fire alarm triggered , the stainless steel arm will spin freely, it won’t lock down even the power is not cut off. It helps to evacuate people in emergency situation.

5) All stainless steel cabinet is completely rainproof.No rust in extremely outdoor environment.

Product application photo:

Full height turnstile access control

Access control rfid turnstile full height

Card access system turnstile full height


Product certifications:

Full height Gate turnstile CE certification

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