Sliding Turnstile

Sliding turnstile is a stylish glass pedestrian access control turnstile gate based on the parallel linear movement of two baffles in the same or different directions to open and close. It is created for access control with high requirements for design and passage’s comforts. It is widely used at the entrance gate of residential areas, enterprises, factories and others.


Sliding turnstile is a cost effective security speed gate solution, with high glass panels they improve security, access control and people flow. It can be opened and closed manually through buttons, card swiping, and remote control, or fully automatic through biometric devices.

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LD-P401 Full Height Automated Motorized Sliding Turnstile
The slide speed gate is designed for applications where access security is required, and it could be controlled manually like push button, remote control or by access control systems.
LD-P401 Full Height Automated Motorized Sliding Turnstile

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