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Theme Park Turnstiles: How to Improve the Business in the First Entrance
Apr 06 , 2022

You would be always spent too much time before enter the amusement park or theme park. So how LIDE Tech can give the guest with smooth and better experience in the entrance. The turnstile with ticket system is that way to help you clamp down on ticket fraudandmanage the visitor flow.

To make sure you are investing the best access control entrance. We are proud that can provide one stop service, including turnstile gate, access control system, QR code scanner, third-party software service. We are going to outline 3 of most popular model of theme park turnstile and offer the detail you want to know.

Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles are the most common and cost-effective solution of access control entrance. It is waist high and have three revolving arms. The gate only allows one person pass through at a time. We can set to access bidirectional or free passage when in emergency. The housing is made of stainless steel with sturdy and anti-corrosion. It is better under the shelter if install outdoors.

We know that there are always three way of tickets, one-day ticket, season ticket and annual ticket. So QR code and RFID card reader are integrated into the turnstile. Guests need to swipe or scan their ticket and push the arms to pass through. The arms can come back to setting position after a turn. Two types of tripod turnstile below:

● Semi-auto: Visitor need to push the arm to pass through after the validation is completed. When the power is off, the arms drop down and free passage. When the power come back, you need to pull up the arms back to its position.

Full-auto: The arms can move to 20-degree angle automatically after validation is completed, letting the visitor know that can pass through. When turn on the power, the arms would pull up automatically.

Theme Park Tripod turnstile

Flap Barriers Gate

The flap barrier retracts or draw out the wing arms to control access. The speed of access is much faster than the tripod turnstile. The gate would open up automatically after the validation is completed. There also have green arrow lighting and voice broadcast for indication.

The gate can be configured to bidirectional access if the entrance area is limited. The wing arms are made of acrylic and PU softy material to make sure safety of quick access. The lane width is normally 550mm for normal use and also have 900mm for visitors with wheel, trolleys or large luggage.

Swing Turnstile / Speed Gate

Swing gates or speed gates are opening in or out at a 90-degree angle like a real door. The gates are made of tempered glass or acrylic that can printed with logo and park name. The flap barrier and swing gates are equipped with infrared sensor, that can detect the location of guest and help the system to control the movement.

The normal width of swing gate is 600-900 mm. In addition, it can be used for special access lane where need more than 900 mm, but up to 2000 mm.

Museum Swing Gate

You may need: Boom barrier

The amusement park has the parking lot that allows guests' vehicle and tourist bus for temporary parking. We can provide the boom barrier to control the vehicle enter or exit and customize the length of barrier arms from 3 to 6 meters.

Face recognition terminal mounted turnstile

The turnstile can be mounted with facial recognition terminal. It not only can detect the facial feature, but also can validate cards, barcode, QR code, fingerprint without any manual intervention.

There are equipped LED indicators, voice broadcast and buzzer for validation of entry and support TCP/IP or WIFI for network communication. The capacity of database is up to 50,000 that can storage the facial data of guests whom bought the season ticket or annual ticket to prevent someone want to pass its tickets on to friends and relatives. It can help the theme park operators avoid to lose their earnings.

Face recognition tripod turnstile

The professional access control solution provider of amusement parks

If you are searching of the solutions or systems in the amusement park or scenic spot,LIDE Techis always offers the turnstiles what you need. We have the turnstiles in both waist-height and full height versions. And we also have validation devices and biometric devices to control the real-time flow of visitors.

The systems can be modified by your software development team and there can't be conflict to compatible with the system you already using. Our products also have the RFID card, wristband, stainless steel fence, etc. That is so reliable and convenient that can get all solutions from LIDE Tech.

Please reach us right now - email at sales@lidesafe.com or call us +86 13829776168

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.